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Join A Revolutionary Education Franchise

Join a Revolutionary Education Franchise

From clubs to sports and everything in between, it seems like afterschool programs have been around forever. But they haven’t evolved all that much — until now. iKids University has completely changed the face of after school fun and enrichment for kids, with a model that makes sense for schools, parents and their kids.

Since 2007, we’ve been refining our program to offer next-level experiences for students using innovative, diverse programming and knowledgeable, reliable instructors. Now, investors interested in tapping into the potential of a school service franchise can get on board with an iKids U franchise. This work-from-home franchise gives you the chance to own a business that supports children, families and schools.

Why Children Need Quality After School Options

Educational franchises that offer a more enriching experience

For years, after school educational and recreational programming has been fragmented. Administrators want to provide students at every grade level with a variety of options for learning and enjoyment after the school day ends. This means recruiting program providers from a variety of disciplines — tutoring, art, STEM, computers, dance and more. Coordinating with multiple companies is time-consuming, confusing and more costly than having a centralized channel for all afterschool programming to run through.

The iKids U afterschool programming model brings together all the fun and enriching activities that schools, parents and kids want, while simplifying the process. Here’s how our model makes a difference:

More convenient

Programs take place after school, at school, saving parents the trouble of shuttling sometimes several kids to and from activities.

More affordable

Parents avoid multiple registration fees and can even save money in gas. Additionally, because iKids U offers extended care, parents can “bundle” these services.

Safer for kids

An iKids U supervisor is on-site at every location during program time. Centralized registration also makes it easier for schools to track where each student is.

Easier to register

All program offerings are summarized in one attractive brochure, saving schools and parents time from searching through multiple fliers.

More organized

The iKids U educational franchise owner acts as one central point of contact for parents and school organizers.

Higher quality

Because iKids U develops its curricula in-house, franchise owners can confidently offer reliable, high-quality and diverse programming.

Simpler for schools

Once school administrators partner with iKids U, they can relax in knowing they have one dedicated school service franchise handling their programming.

What makes iKids U the best educational franchise?

We have developed a business model that eases time and cost burdens for parents and provides a next-level experience for kids. This makes the iKids U learning center franchise an optimal opportunity for someone in search of a sustainable business that benefits the community. Solidify your family’s future by helping other families care for, educate and entertain their children.

iKids U Franchise Owners Interview

It’s a mobile franchise, meaning you’ll never be tied down by the demands and expense of an office space. The iKids U franchise development team will teach you how to connect with schools and implement programs, along with how to manage your business financials, staff and programming.

We established iKids Inc. in 2007 because we care about kids and want them to be safe and have fun in afterschool programming. All children should have the opportunity to pursue passions, have fun with hobbies and expand their potential. iKids U education franchise owners allow them to do just that!

Contact us today to learn more about this school service franchise opportunity. Call us at (713) 665-5200, email [email protected] or send us a message to get started!

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