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The IKids U STEM Franchise Difference

The iKids U STEM Franchise Difference

As an iKids U franchise owner, your STEM franchise will inspire the next generation of learners.

Owning a STEM after school franchise is so much more than operating a business. An iKids U education franchise is built around science, technology, engineering and math, all of the subjects that will give young minds the tools and foundation they’ll need to succeed throughout their educational careers. That may seem like a lofty ambition for a child, but it’s a necessary one in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven global world.

iKids U differs from other STEM franchise opportunities on the market in several ways.

It’s More Than a Business

Becoming an iKids U STEM education franchise owner is more than just a business venture. You will spend your days enriching the minds of young children in your community. You will be able to work personally with the children you teach, and you’ll have a unique opportunity to directly impact their lives. Education is a foundational skill, after all. Studies have shown that early childhood education is particularly important because it sets the stage for deeper, more advanced learning later on.

Unfortunately, many children who need after school programs may not have these kinds of educational resources available to them. This means you will be able to give children the extended learning they need and that their parents desire. The impact this will have will not only benefit their lives, if you believe in the fundamental power of education, it will give significant purpose to the work you do.

An iKids U STEM Franchise Offers Additional Services

Parents in many communities are at a loss when it comes to after school programs. But when you decide to become an iKids U STEM franchise owner you can feel confident knowing that your business is helping them provide a safe, secure, entertaining and educational environment for their children.

Given that many of today’s parents work longer hours, the demand for quality after school care has increased. Further, many children would benefit from extended learning programs. Your business can fill a substantial void in the market, and simultaneously give these students the opportunity to learn valuable skills.

An iKids U Franchise Builds on Your Experience

Our STEM after school franchise owners come from a range of backgrounds. Perfect for former educators corporate executives or business owners, our franchises are designed to complement your professional experience.

The extensive training programs we offer will build on skills you already have, it will inspire you to build new ones. Unlike other franchise opportunities that may lack in-depth training and support, the iKids U community works hard to make sure you are set up for success.

We Enrich Children’s Lives

The iKids U program is so much more than a standard business. You will be able to impact the lives of children and their parents. The invaluable, education-based service you will offer can help inspire kids to learn as well as teach them new skills, and parents like nothing better than to see their children excited about learning. You will be able to experience this rewarding impact first hand.

iKids U Franchisees Receive Continuous Support

Unlike franchisors that offer limited training programs, the iKids U community outperforms. We will not stop access to support following your grand opening. You will have access to a vast network of learning material, which means you can count on an experienced and engaged support system who are invested in helping you to succeed.

A STEM after school franchise is an inspiring business to be a part of. You will be responsible for providing a valued service to the local community, and if you enjoy children, well, that’s just a bonus.

To learn more, or to inquire about how you can become an iKids U STEM education franchise owner, contact us today.

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