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Today’s Parents Need IKids U

Today’s Parents Need iKids U

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Did You Know?

Today, more parents work outside the home than ever before. And many struggle to find adequate after-school options for their children. [1]

In fact, while 10.2 million children are in after-school programs, the parents of another 19.4 million children would participate in after-school if a program were available. [2]

According to the After-School Alliance, the Need for After-School Programs is Immense [3]:

  • 23 million parents of school-age children work outside of the home full time.
  • 11.3 million kids are on their own in the hours after school.
  • 19.4 million kids would participate in an after-school program if one were available to them.

Parents with children in after-school programs are reportedly less stressed, have fewer unscheduled absences, and are more productive at work. [4]

iKids U is dedicated to providing a unique, comprehensive solution for busy parents who still want the best after-school options for their children.

Working families with elementary school children need convenient options – and iKids U is focused on convenience, with programs provided onsite at their own local schools. No busing or extra transportation needed! iKids U also meets the needs of today’s families through flexibility.  The concept works effectively with different parent schedules and job types, and caters to different family dynamics. Even stay-at-home moms who have kids on different schedules or in different activities appreciate the flexibility of iKids U: children can attend anywhere between one and five days per week, as needed.

Best of all, as an iKids U business owner, you meet the needs of today’s busy parents, as you offer a variety of after-school services, activities, and program options (creative, educational, recreational, and more), as you build a flexible, home-based business.

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