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iKids U®: A Children’s Franchise That Has It All!

You can help families right in your community while growing a positive future for yourself!

Millions of kids across the United States need after-school programs that offer artistic, academic and fitness enrichment. iKids U presents a unique approach to providing high-quality after-school programs through a network of passionate franchisees.

If you’re looking for an education franchise or school service franchise, iKids U gives you the chance to work from home while coordinating turn-key programming for local public and private elementary schools.

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High-quality curricula and programs

The leadership team at iKids U has been organizing awesome after-school programming for 10 years. We develop curricula and activities that delight kids and inspire learning. Then, we deliver the completed program to franchisees to be implemented locally by qualified instructors.

Our huge variety of children’s programming gives you flexibility, allowing you to offer programs that suit the needs and wants of clients in your area. In addition to writing curricula for the majority of our programs, we also work with other activity vendors to offer even more options.

  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Cooking
  • Computers
  • LEGO® Robotics
  • Brain games
  • Chess
  • Science
  • Music technology
  • Sports + fitness
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Spanish
  • Photography
  • Creative writing
  • Sewing
  • Karate

Families and schools need after-school programs

10.2 million children
are in after-school

The parents of another 19.4 million children would participate in after-school programs if they were available to them. *

23 million parents
work outside
the home

Many families struggle to find adequate programs for their children, creating an immense need for quality after-school options.

Whether you offer programs at local public or private schools, your educational franchise can provide viable solutions for many family types, including working parents who need after-school options all week long and stay-at-home parents who need help just one or two days per week. The iKids U program is flexible and convenient for all!

Budget cuts and staff shortages have forced many schools to discontinue their own after-school programs, but the need has not gone away. Schools love iKids U because it allows them to offer safe and high-quality programs for students who want or need after-school involvement.

What makes iKids U better than other educational or childen’s franchises

We have witnessed a lot of mediocrity in the after-school programming space. From sloppy scheduling to insufficient staff, some businesses are run haphazardly. Still, other learning center franchises require a massive investment. Here’s why iKids U is the best educational franchise:

  • Mobile business gives you the flexibility to work from home
  • Outstanding curricula delivered in a complete package
  • Work at public schools, private schools, churches, recreation centers, park districts, even corporations!
  • Flexible model allows you to change offerings, schedules and venues while building multiple revenue streams for good cash flow
  • Elementary school-age focus keeps programming and tutoring basic
  • Lower start up costs with no building to maintain, rent to pay, or utilities to manage
  • Flexible after care business PLUS 16 enrichment class streams plus one on one options to meet every family need on a given campus
  • Summer camps and out of school time day camps for extra income
  • And much more…!

Request iKids Franchise Information Today!

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Start operating your business in just 30 to 60 days!

The iKids U franchise support team will help you understand how to use marketing to connect with local school administrators and principals. You’ll contract with them for the right to offer services, and parents will pay you directly upon registration. Schools will look to offer your iKids U high-quality after-school services for a number of reasons.

Budget cuts: Many schools have eliminated or trimmed down their music, art and fitness programs in the face of funding limitations. iKids U helps them fill an important gap.

All-in-one: Your iKids U education franchise eases the hassle for schools by offering all their enrichment classes through a single vendor. Our programs are organized, streamlined and professional.

Extended care: iKids U school service franchise owners have the option of offering extended care, helping kids with homework and keeping them active until their parents arrive.

Learn more about the many advantages and benefits of our unique children’s education franchise opportunity: visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, request more information, or contact us at (888) 824-4885 or [email protected].


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