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IKids U Launches New Franchise Program

iKids U Launches New Franchise Program

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Houston, Texas – iKids U, which has focused on creating and delivering organized, varied, and enriching educational after-school programs in local school districts since 2007, announced that it was implementing a new program to sell franchises, beginning their expansion efforts in the state of Texas, then outward from there.

“With our backgrounds as a pediatric occupational therapist and in the IT field, we got our start by offering a technology enrichment portion within other after-school programs,” says co-founder Autumn Seiler.  “As working parents ourselves, we recognized that there was a lot that could be done to improve the after-school program model, and that’s what led us to forming our own iKids U program.”

iKids U is a one-stop after-school shop that is designed to be convenient for everyone. Customized to meet the needs of schools, teachers, parents and students alike, iKids U offers a highly organized approach and a single-point of contact for a variety of activities.

Franchise owners who join the iKids U system will be able to replicate the business model, with training and curriculum support that will allow them to partner with local schools to provide an exceptional, safe, and convenient after-school program designed to fulfill the educational, creative, and recreational interests of any child.

Co-founder Jonathan Seiler believes this will be a solid franchise program, based on the company’s experience and what they’re seeing in the marketplace.  “Not only does our program answer the immense need for quality after-school options, but it is a viable, well-supported, and multi-market tested business concept that we are excited to have other business owners like us leverage.”

“We truly believe we have a great mix of services, and that we address the needs of busy families and their local schools,” concludes Autumn Seiler.  “As we expand through the addition of more territories through franchising, we are confident this will be a win-win for everyone: districts, families, and of course our franchisees.”

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